Specialized Rescues Needed!

Health and Behavioral

The Center already works with many rescues but is still seeking additional organizations to help us with our residents that have special needs.

Rescues that will take senior animals or those with terminal illnesses-
Rescues that will take animals with limited/ or no sight or hearing-
Resuces that are willing to take animals with human and or animal aggression-
Please contact us at :

For organizations that are willing to take our residents with behavior issues - they must be canine rehabilitation organizations that meets the following requirements : ability to provide proof of liability insurance; willing to sign a liability waiver and indemnification agreement, fenced outdoor area; certified trainer on staff or available as a subcontractor; responsible adoption policies; and a willingness to provide sanctuary should the animal be determined not to be suited for release to society.
If you are such a facility or are aware of such a facility, please contact the Center at:

We are also are seeking pure breed rescues such as lab, beagle, jack russell, etc.

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