Don’t Forget Us! Bequests & Planned Giving

We gave you unconditional love and comforted you during your life, so please don’t forget us after you leave this life. Remember those of us who have gone before you and are patiently waiting to greet you again!

A bequest to The Center for Animal Health & Welfare will ensure the gift of life for abused and abandoned animals. Please consider making our Center a part of your estate planning. It is an easy way to continue loving animals long after you are gone. Your monetary donations will be utilized by our shelter for the daily care of our animals—feeding them, taking care of their injuries, vaccinating them against disease, providing medicines, and give them a warm, safe, and loving home until they find permanent homes. By leaving a monetary donation to The Center for Animal Health & Welfare, you will have helped those who have no voice—those wonderful dogs and cats who are unable to ask for help themselves.

There are several ways that you can contribute to our animals’ welfare via your estate. Please consult with your estate planner and/or attorney or call our shelter at (610)252-7722. In addition to being in your will, you may name The Center for Animal Health & Welfare in your life insurance policy, 401K plan, and/or pension/retirement plan. You will need our federal ID number for your policy documents, to prevent any confusion with other animal welfare groups (not that we do not want you to help them, too!). We cannot accept properties (land) left directly to our shelter. Instead, you may instruct your estate to sell your property and convey the proceeds to The Center for Animal Health & Welfare.

Thank you for considering The Center for Animal Health & Welfare in your estate planning. Your
contribution can help us help more animals!

Formed in 1913, The Center for Animal Health and Welfare (formerly the Northampton County SPCA) is a private organization dedicated to providing a safe and healthy environment for abandoned, lost, and unwanted animals. We are not affiliated with any SPCA or ASPCA. Our Center is not a government agency but a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization. In 2003, we committed to becoming a no-kill shelter and improved our foster program and also increased adoptions. Fund raising, donations, and bequests make up 90% of our income, and our annual expenses average nearly $1,000,000 a year. Adoption fees, relinquishment fees, memberships, and agreements with some local municipalities to take in their strays generate the rest of our revenue. Northampton County contributes about $5,000.

To donate immediately - go to our homepage and click Make a donation ~
or send a check to
The Center
1165 Island Park Rd.
Easton, PA 18042

Thank you.

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